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What is Online Digital Marketing?

Online digital marketing has always been about connecting with your target market at the right time with the right tools. This means meeting that target market online, on the internet, where they are always spending their time. Online marketing or digital marketing is all your marketing efforts on the internet using digital channels such as Ad On hold, email, social media, search engine optimisation, and your website itself to attract current and prospective customers.

Why online digital marketing?

While many can still argue that traditional marketing never died because print ads, phone communication, radio ads, and TV ads are still around, the majority of a person’s time is spent on the internet, and this makes online marketing so lucrative. And unlike traditional marketing wherein conversions cannot be measured, website-based marketing is not only quite diverse and varied, but all methods can be measured for conversions.

Online marketing methods have so many diversities, options, and strategies, you can get creative and experiment with a variety of techniques and tactics, even when on a tight budget. There are also conversion measuring and analytics tools to monitor the success and ROI of whole marketing campaigns. By comparison, you cannot measure anything using a billboard or a print ad.

Online digital marketing can define any business

Online marketing has the increased ability to define any business because of the numerous digital tactics and methods it can use to connect with customers. Take this one example: Your business website. Your six to eight website pages are more than enough to advertise your product, services, or company; then you have videos, articles, even newsletter or e-mail subscriptions, downloadable brochures, catalogues, or educational material.

Other online marketing examples can also be (but is not limited to):

Ad On Reviews for online digital marketing

Often, satisfied or happy customers forget to write positive reviews. Meanwhile, a single angry customer could write several bad reviews that could pull down an online business. A Review Software – like that from Ad On Group – can intelligently collect reviews from all online sources from satisfied customers or get in touch with customers to request them to write a review. Unhappy customers are automatically engaged by management so their issues can be dealt with even before their negative feedback goes viral.

Ad On Hold

Again, at Ad On Group, on-hold messages become brief advertising solutions. While your call is routed, or when you are put on hold, a short ad message will begin playing. This marketing strategy has a proven track record with Telstra subscribers.

Online marketing solutions from Ad On Group, based in Australia, is familiar with all ranges of marketing channels for online digital marketing, in addition to creating their own, such as Ad On Mobile, Ad On Digital collaborations, and developing intelligent and creative websites and content that business owners will definitely love. Ad On Group also believes in long-term relationships with its clients because valued service means partnerships as well. To clearly see what Ad On Group can do for your online business, get in touch with us by visiting our website at

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