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Brochure Campaign

Is it time to wake up and be proactive?

What are you doing to keep front of mind with your existing customer base? Now more than ever it’s important to keep your brand in front of the very people who matter most – your customers. As they say, ‘ The best source of new business is from your existing customers’… let us design, create and send regular digital brochures to your customers to drive new business.


Have you ever thought about this? Ten years ago your competitors couldn’t really target your customers unless they had a big newspaper, TV or radio budget…….nowadays competitors can, at the flick of a button, put their offers in front of your customers for a fraction of the price.

Let’s put a digital fence around your customers!


  • ic-check

    Every 2 months a Digital Brochure, including marketing campaign concept, creative content writing, graphic design, link building and reporting sent to your customer base

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    Simple to read reports showing views, opens and actions

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    Emailed or texted for you, including email / Text software

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    Up to 500 included texts every 2 months

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    Up to 2500 email contacts every 2 months


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    Promote, educate, loyalty schemes, discounts, new product or services releases, stay front of mind, keep your brand in the mind of your customers.

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    Drive activity, be proactive not reactive

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    Generate measurable actions, phone calls, website visits, enquiries and social media followers


excluding GST per month

$600 excluding GST once off set up fee
12 month minimum term, then month by month thereafter


Got Questions?

Ad On Group does, in conjunction with your input

Yes you do

Yes, please refer to our data protection and security policy here

We do

You can purchase extra texts at 15c excluding GST per text. You can purchase additional email contacts at the following rates:
2501 - 5000 contacts = $100 excluding GST
5001 - 10,000 contacts = $180 excluding GST
10,001 - 15,000 contacts = $260 excluding GST
15,001 - 25,000 contacts = $400 excluding GST
25,001 - 50,000 contacts = $650 excluding GST

Don't take our word for it

Is it time to wake up
and be proactive?

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