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Regular Blogs on your website really do add a huge amount of value to your business. Firstly, having interesting articles written about topics that interest your customers or target audience, creates a connection and trust. The problem you have is time and creativity to do this.

Secondly, having regular, relevant content uploaded to your website and indexed with Google will help with showing your website when people search a topic, product or service, or even ask a question. Simply put regular Blogs are a must for businesses who want to be found online and help educate their customers.



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    Concept and topic design

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    Up to 500 words written per blog every 2 months

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    Key word placing and tagging

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    Loaded onto your website (if we manage your site)



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    Engage your customers or target audience

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    Get your business found when people search topics, products or services online

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    Become the online authority in your field

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    Answer common problems your customers face


excluding GST per month

$300 excluding GST once off set up fee
12 month minimum term, then month by month thereafter


Got Questions?

Ad On Group does, in conjunction with your input

When we write blogs, we index them with Google, ( if we manage your website ) so when people are searching for products, services or advice, your blog should show if it is relevant to that search.

Certain words or phrases are listed in Google’s directory, so when people search Google’s algorithms

If you look after your own website ( or have another company ) it is your responsibility to load and index your blog. If we look after your website, we will do it for you.

You could send them out to your customer base as newsletters or put them on your facebook page

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