Ad On Group is a national advertising and marketing company that uses your mobile, your office phone system and your online platforms to help market your business to callers, and customers in the online world.

ad on digital

Ad On Digital creates motion graphics or animated videos to market your business online. It even helps you use them for Social media campaigns, database campaigns, on your email footers and website! We're Australia's largest video producer!


Ad On Mobile is a truly unique and clever way to promote and educate callers who ring your Telstra mobile. While they wait for you to answer your mobile, instead of ringing, they are educated while they wait for you to answer. An Australia first!


Ad On Hold is Australia's largest on hold advertising provider. With over 40000
customers and long term relationships with Telstra and other partners, you're in great hands with us.

adon review

Stand out from your competitors when people search online for your business or industry, with loads of fantastic customer testimonials. Ad On Review is Australian designed and supported review software which will change the way people view your business.....and the best part, we do it all for you! Get more online reviews, with Ad On Review.


Your mobile, your new advertising tool.

Ad On Mobile is an Australian first, enabling business owners to get smarter with their ring time and customise the mobile calling experience in exciting new ways. Exclusive to Telstra Business Mobile customers, our Ad On Mobile plans include short and targeted caller tone messages that are tailored to your business, providing customers with an insight into what differentiates you from your competitors, all before you answer your mobile device.

ad on digital

Engaging customers and evolving brands online.

Staying ahead of the digital curve can be challenging, but partnering with Ad On Digital is
easy. Think of us as the creative arm of your business, here to help you not only stay afloat, but embrace the dynamic digital world and use it to your advantage. Ad On Digital provides businesses with a range of tools through which they can better connect with their customers on a platform that is relevant and compelling. Short and punchy animated videos are our bread and butter, but we also specialise in comprehensive marketing campaigns.

Ad on Digital Websites

Your website is your shopfront to the world... so don't let your customers just stroll by! Captivate your customers with a unique video on your website, which tells your story and makes you stand out from the crowd. Our websites are designed to be mobile friendly, fast and constantly updated as your business grows. It’s all written, built and managed by us... on an ongoing basis!

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Ad On Review

What do your reviews say about you? Be the natural choice!

You do a great job, let it show online.
Every transaction, every handshake, every smile your business encounters is an opportunity. Ad On Review helps you to turn happy customer interactions into 5-star Google and Facebook Reviews.

Grow your business through word of mouth.

Using our software, businesses receive more reviews and strengthen their reputation. Increasing local search visibility. Attracting new customers.

You can easily become the most reviewed, and highest-rated regional business of your type.

Outsmart your competition.


Capitalise on a captive audience.

Ad On Hold is a proven marketing solution that has helped thousands of businesses realise the full potential of their phone system. Ad On Hold not only keeps callers on the line, it also keeps callers engaged and informed about your business. As a new take on traditional on hold messaging, our Ad On Hold messages are crafted by marketing professionals, tailored specifically for your business and recorded by voice-over professionals. It’s a cost effective way to foster customer connection and promote your products and services while callers are on hold.