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Mixed Marketing Methods Used by a Digital Marketing Expert

A digital marketing expert can use a mixture of marketing methods when promoting any business online. A digital marketing company may use proven traditional methods such as keyword research, content marketing, and search engine and social media marketing. Or newer methods such as short animated videos or motion graphics, customer reviews, and mobile on-hold ads.

Video marketing from a digital marketing expert

In today’s marketing environment, more and more websites are using videos to present short and efficient information, usually about a product, service, company or anything connected with the business.

On the other side, Google prefers a website with videos because this shows that the website is an authority in that specific industry. In short, videos improve website rankings in search results, attract more traffic, and even educate users on particular topics.

Ad On Group the Digital Marketing Expert

When it comes to videos for marketing, Ad On Group is at the top of the pack in Australia. Ad On Group can create short and punchy animated videos that can become the bread and butter of any company in presenting their products or services. Specialised videos can be created for social media to maximise brand awareness through education and enquiry replies to potential customers. Furthermore, explainer videos can feature on the homepage of a website or the product/services pages. Videos for special promotional events can also be created.

Website video ads by a digital marketing expert

Ad On Group knows that every business website is like a storefront. But unlike a localised physical storefront limited to the residents in the area, a website storefront is open to be viewed by the whole world. This means that business owners must make sure that visitors don’t just pass by. Captivate every visitor that clicks on the home page with a unique video about your product, service, or to tell your unique story.

Not only that, but all videos created by Ad On Digital (a division of Ad On Group) are mobile-friendly, whether on portrait or landscape mode Ad On Digital as a digital marketing expert, there is no way that Ad On Digital (a division of Ad On Group) can possibly go wrong. We have hundreds of sales partners and have served over 40,000 clients all over the face of Australia. Our Ad On Group team can work over a wide range of marketing channels in collaboration with any business to develop original and creative content that potential customers will be impressed with. But, really, we would love to hear from you. Visit us, the Ad On Group, at our website,

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