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Upgrade Your Mobile Advertising Strategies with Instagram

For those who are a fan of taking photographs and sharing them online, you may have heard about Instagram and have used the app for quite some time now. And for enthusiasts who have been using the mobile app since the beginning, you may have an idea that the year 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of one of the most widely used social media apps ever created. Over a decade now, Instagram has allowed a full user experience of social media interaction. Famous for its square-cropped images, this visual content-focused app is surprisingly one of the top platforms compared to other best websites, for retailers for their mobile advertising campaigns.

Mobile Advertising with Instagram

Instagram, or IG for short, has become such a hit, especially when it comes to the millennials because it focuses on creativity and showcasing the artistic side of each user. It is an app that exposes a person’s talent in design creatives such as fashion and styling and photography. Although the hashtag or pound sign was an original idea by Twitter, it was also used in IG to categorise posts. Fun fact: did you know that the hashtag (#) sign is used to optimise business accounts?

Hashtag for Mobile Advertising

A standard hashtag posted on social media can serve as a forum or group that collects relevant and similar topics. The systems then gathered hashtagged words to be catalogued. Since all in-app search engines are keyword optimised, it helps a particular hashtag/topic to appear in the search results, instead of just the standard text.

Hashtags are essential in every product promotion because it helps sort and organise content that leads directly to people who seek them. To simplify matters, hashtags allow your post to appear on the results page, not only on the app but also on other online search engines, and with the right strategy, it may land on the top or first page of the results page.

In Need of the Best Strategies for Mobile Advertising?

There are many ways to optimise mobile advertising to help increase sales and, with the help of Ad On Group, you can achieve higher ranks and positive feedback. With our team of experts available at your service, we can help you come up with exceptional ideas and strategies that best fit your type of industry. For more of our services, visit our website at

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