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Month: June 2019

Archive for June 2019

An ‘Australian First’ for a Gold Coast company… Ad on Mobile

NEW MARKETING TECHNOLOGY SET TO CHANGE THE WAY SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS PROMOTE THEIR PRODUCTS & SERVICES. What’s your most valuable TOOL?  If you answered ‘your MOBILE PHONE’, you would be correct! Today in 2019, everybody uses Mobile Phones. There are estimated to be 19.3 million mobile phones in Australia alone… and 4.68 billion throughout the…

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The importance of regular connection with your customer base

How many people have you spoken to today? How many smiles and ‘good mornings’ did you exchange… on your way into the office? We all crave human connection: even if we don’t realise it, or don’t want to admit it. It’s what leaves a sour taste in our mouth if we walk into a retail…

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How your website should work for you.

In days gone by, people judged you by your shoes, today they judge you by your website. How many potential customers or clients have you lost, because your website wasn’t up to scratch? There’s nothing worse than having an outdated website, a website that is difficult to navigate, or a website that isn’t mobile phone…

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Ad on Hold is not just a hold message…but lots more!

Autobarn… Harcourts… Harley Davidson… Century 21… Ray White… IGA… Hertz… Mitre Ten… Ultra-Tune… and Ella Bache. These are just some of the leading BRANDS who use Ad On Hold. Shouldn’t you? And you don’t have to be big, we have tens of thousands of small businesses who use our ‘Messages on Hold’ service to their…

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