Ad On Review

Don’t wait for complaints to go online, lead the conversation.

People trust reviews. Seeing them as genuine, independent endorsements from your current and past customers. Any business can say they’re the best. Reviews, however, must be earnt.

Without facilitating a balanced discussion. With 5-star reviews from your happy customers. Your star rating can be easily hijacked by problem-customers making day-to-day complaints.

Whilst the vast majority of people leave your business satisfied. These happy customers are unlikely to leave a review without it being made VERY easy for them to do so. Unhappy customers, however, are more likely to proactively review. Our software is designed to address this problem

adon review star rating
adon review

What it does

Ad On Review software intelligently collects Google Reviews (and other online reviews) from your satisfied customers. The software engages your customers following each transaction. Unhappy customers are supported and connected with management. So their negative feedback can be addressed before it goes online. Happy customers are taken through a review facilitation process that takes less than 30 seconds.

The review request can be sent out by:

  • Text message

  • Email

  • Smart link from your website

  • Your email signature

  • Your CRM

  • QR code


Select from any of our packages below


6 month minimum term

Complete Review Management Software System

Unlimited Email Review Requests

SMS Review Request Functionality (* 10c / SMS)

Negative feedback resolution plugin

Geo reporting – find out exactly where your reviews are coming from

Full Review Management Dashboard

Notification of posted reviews from your online platforms in one place

CRM Integration ( interface with API into your system for auto send )

On-boarding session


Four Plus

Once off setup fee of $200 exl gst


ex gst/per month


Five Star

Once off setup fee of $300 exl gst


ex gst/per month


Everything in the FOUR PLUS, with;

6 month minimum term

Unlimited monthly review requests sent and managed by Ad On Review

System optimised for streamlined SMS Review Requests

Up to 500 included text message review requests per month

On-going progress reporting and system optimisation

Our Guarantee*
Agreed Review results in 6 months or your money back!

We commit to achieving an increase in positive review activity on Google or Facebook for your business within a 6 month period. If we do not achieve  an increase in activity we will refund your money.


Google My Business listing created

On-going listing maintenance

Monthly traffic reports ( calls, clicks, directions )

google listing

Google My Business
Set-Up and Management


ex gst/per month


Review us
email signatures


ex gst/per month for the first signature

$10 exl gst per month per subsequent email signature


Professional Dynamic Graphic designed Email Signatures with review us with software links built in so customers can rate their experience straight from the emails they are receiving throughout your customer engagement process

Update people’s names and contact details when they change

Add special offers, new product or services carousel ads

Click to call, click to social links, click to website

Your email platform needs to be Google, Microsoft Office

imac review

Got Questions?

What happens after I place my order?

Our project team will engage with you to set up your Ad On Review account.
Your project manager will set up auto info gather mechanisms

When does my subscription billing start?

When the order is placed. The set up fee and the first months subscription is deducted from your nominated bank account

How long does it take to set up and start getting reviews and do you help get reviews on my behalf?

Under normal circumstances, it takes 5-7 days before review requests will start being sent out. We help get reviews for you if you have chosen the Five Star Package

Do you provide support to use the software


Do you help set up and manage Google business and what’s the process

Yes, as an extra to our packages

Can you help with setting up my Facebook account, so people can review my business there?


Is your software an overseas white-label?

No, we are an Australian designed and managed software

Is there a minimum term?

Yes, there is a 6-month minimum term. It can take a few months for the processes to be optimised and local search rankings to be influenced.

How do I buy more SMS?

You can buy these directly in the SMS top up area in the software

Do my SMS credits on the Five Star package accumulate if I don't use them?


How does our guarantee* work?

Your business will be required to supply us all the relevant data in order to achieve this. The once off set up fee will not be refunded.

If I provide my customer details for you to help me send review requests, is this information safe?

Yes, your customers details are safe in our hands. Privacy and data security is of paramount importance to us please see our full policy here