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Digital Advertising on Social Media Platforms and Websites

Facebook is an example of a phenomenal social media platform within the digital world. With over one billion users worldwide, it caters not only to youngsters but also to more mature audiences. It’s not only a place for lifestyle and social interactions, but Facebook has established itself as an excellent platform for building business-customer relationships…

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Ways to Maximise Digital Advertising Strategies

In an era where most activities are digitised, infiltrating the business industry can be a cut-throat experience, especially to those who are start-ups. Applying digital advertising may have its benefits, but some efforts from a website developer may not be enough. In general, when we think about digital marketing, we visualise websites, social media, apps…

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AdOn Group: A Brief Introduction to Digital Advertising

In the present time, technology has soared to new heights and has begun a different way of promoting brands and services. Advertising has gone digital! With the widespread use of advanced technology, website development takes the opportunity to display ads on social media sites, on websites, and even in online games and mobile applications through…

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