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Optimise Brands with Ad On Group Mobile Advertising Program

With a list of hundreds of best websites that can make mobile advertising possible, companies can have a plethora of selections to choose as a pedestal for brand awareness, depending on what is trending at that point in time. A great example of a mobile advertising platform is social media apps.

Social Media as a Mobile Advertising Platform

Social media is not only a place for self-expression and a tool for communication. It’s also an excellent place to apply brand promotion and online advertisement. According to numerics, 18 million Australians have active social media accounts. Imagine reaching half, or even 10% of that total – it would make a considerable impact on the growth of a company’s profile.

Brand awareness is one of the primary goals of mobile advertising. It means dispersal of the company’s brand name to gain mass attention and publicity of the company’s name/brand. The goal is fundamental – make mobile ads or posts through any social media platform, even mobile apps such as in-app adverts, to create brand recognition.

Similar to the concept of traditional advertisement, an online presence is achieved through the following types of mobile advertising.

Types Of Mobile Advertising

Banner Ads – Web banner is a type of ad that is embedded on a website or app, delivered by an ad server. Its operation is to attract customers by linking or directing them to a particular website that showcases their products or services. Banner ads are often seen as a text or illustration-based advertisement, whether it’s flash, GIF, or static banners.

In-app Ads – It’s self-explanatory, but to make things understandable, it’s basically ads that show or pop-up on mobile apps such as game apps, mobile tools, etc. App developers are paid by the company to allow their ads to play on their devices through applications. Also, the ad can be created as the game itself.

Game-based Ads – also technically known as In-game ads (IGA). Similar to in-app and banner ads, game-based is considered as one of the most interactive mobile advertisements available. With IGA, ads are embedded in the mobile game. It usually displays during game pauses or when the game is loading. Companies choose IGA for it helps gather general user data that can be used on other digital promotion strategies, like email marketing.

Photo and Video Ads – often seen on image and video-based websites and mobile apps. Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and YouTube are some of the best examples of social media platforms that display images and video ads. The advantages of video ads are the experience they share with possible customers. They give a glimpse of what the product or service is about, somewhat like a live view of the brand. This way, companies can engage on a personal level. Images and videos are also considered as among the most effective ways to catch attention, as it’s easily shared with others.

Mobile Advertising Team To ensure quality and effective mobile advertising, the Ad On Group can provide you with excellent options in terms of advertising and brand name publicity. Our team is comprised of professionals and experts in the fields of advertising, design, and so much more. For more details about our services, visit  Ad On Group today at

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