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The Influence of Social Media on Mobile Advertising

As of March 2019, there are 7.7 billion people on the planet, and about 3.499 billion of them use social media, with an average number of seven social media accounts per person. Imagine the possibilities of what mobile advertising can achieve at that rate – the scope and areas it can reach, and the possible sales generated by targeting the right type of audience. The best websites are known as tools to connect people – it helps with communication, socialisation, and provide the entertainment that we need.

In spite of all the positive things, social media can be a space for education, and it is also an excellent medium to share information and a perfect place to start social marketing. We all know how predominant social media can be, which means the best way to get a possible and fastest way of gaining a return of investment are ads through the social network.

Top Social Media Mobile Advertising Platform

Facebook – 74% of Facebook users check their app every day, which is why it is considered as one of the top social media platforms to invest in ads. It is also the cheapest yet influential form of advertising. It helps increase brand awareness through website engagement.

Twitter – the best thing about Twitter ads is that you only pay for it when it achieves a market goal. It also focuses on keyword targeting, with an option to customise the audience. Twitter is also known as the pioneer in hashtag optimisation.

Youtube – offers a vast scope of audience. They develop advanced methods in targeting viewers. Advertising budget depends on the type of industry you are promoting.

Instagram – has a broad and diverse online community. Others prefer Instagram for it’s a kind of platform that only shows relevant and related topics and the ads are non-invasive. Businesses can attain free marketing through IG business accounts that may increase the engagement rate up to 4.21%.

Pinterest – Ads are more accessible to display by searching through relevant keywords. Specific pins are given to target the right audience. They also let you choose on your preferred “call to action.”

LinkedIn – customer’s age may vary, but in a common scenario, the ones who mostly make the purchase are the ones with an income. LinkedIn is a place for professionals, therefore your audience can afford to buy whatever it is you are selling, as long as they can relate to it.

Snapchat – an interactive social media, Snapchat targets the younger audience, so be sure you’re your services and products can be relatable. Another advantage of this app is that they allow you to share your location to users through Snapmap.

Mobile Advertising with AdOn Group The world is rapidly changing and modernity is unstoppable. Nowadays, people have better access to convenience living through the use of technology. As a result, every trade and industry is adapting to this change, and digital advertising is just a tip of what is to come in the next years, in terms of marketing. Partner with us at the AdOn Group to increase your business’ or product’s visibility and organic feedback through mobile advertising and more – get a headstart on building your brand profile. For more information about digital advertising, visit our website at

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