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Why video for your business… is a must

We’ve all heard that our attention spans are getting shorter. 

In fact, a study by Microsoft revealed the average attention span had shrunk to just 8 seconds – one second less than a goldfish!

So if you’re already drifting off while reading this, don’t feel guilty. 

Whether it’s our busy and demanding daily lives, the ever-growing list of online platforms, or the multitude of devices at our disposal – shorter attention spans have to be considered when formulating an online marketing strategy.

When you’re competing in an increasingly aggressive and innovative online world, with channels, platforms, pop-ups, games and apps – all vying for attention – then how do you cut through the noise and get your brand noticed?

You give viewers something that’s hard to turn away from.

Something stimulating.


Easily accessible.

And eagerly digested.


Mark Zuckerberg’s been saying it for years: video is a “mega trend”. And he predicts that video will dominate Facebook within a few short years.

So why is video so important for your online marketing strategy?

Here are some benefits:

Viewers look at videos for longer than static advertisements

Users stay 3 times longer on posts that feature video on Facebook. And when you’re willing to invest more time into viewing and engaging with online advertising, the more likely you are to invest in that brand.

It’s a multi-sensory experience

Video engagement on Facebook is 2% higher than the average post, and it receives 38% more user engagement than posts featuring images on Instagram. So just by choosing video as part of your advertising, you’re giving you ad a better chance to perform.

You can use it across a plethora of platforms

If you’ve got a video, don’t be afraid to use it! Facebook (2 billion active users), YouTube (1.9 billion active users) and Instagram (1 billion active users) are great places to start – but don’t forget to embed it on your website and email footer.

It’s great for storytelling

People no longer want to be ‘sold to’. Instead, they want to familiarise themselves with a brand and understand their story. Video as a media is a brilliant storyteller, bringing together audio and visual content to create an engaging narrative about the business.

It’s amazing for SEO

Placing a video on your homepage can improve your SEO, and once viewers are on your page, they’re more likely to engage with the video than static content.

People like to share and engage with video on social media 

If user involvement in video ads is higher, then so is the likelihood of them liking, sharing or commenting on your video. Let your video do the hard work for you and create an advertisement that is ‘made to be shared’.

Hello, are you still with me?

Damn it!

I knew I should have made a video.

Is it time to wake up
and be proactive?

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