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An ‘Australian First’ for a Gold Coast company… Ad on Mobile


What’s your most valuable TOOL? 

If you answered ‘your MOBILE PHONE’, you would be correct!

Today in 2019, everybody uses Mobile Phones. There are estimated to be 19.3 million mobile phones in Australia alone… and 4.68 billion throughout the world. It’s the fastest way people connect and do business. If you run your own small business and are out in the field or on-site, you can’t afford to miss a sales opportunity. If your Mobile Phone rings… and a potential customer is on the line, this is the perfect moment to use your phone as a marketing tool… and close the sale.

Let me tell you a little story about a hardworking plumber, named Sam. He had a young family, and drove an old ute. He always seemed busy, but he struggled to take his business to the next level. Sam then ‘made the call’… to have AD ON MOBILE installed on his phone. He soon discovered that when potential customers called, they would hear a PROFESSIONAL advertising message about his business. The callers were impressed as they learned about Sam’s services, and decided to hired him. Sam soon bought himself a new truck, hired an apprentice and took his family on a holiday. Sam’s wife was last seen looking at the housing market with a genuine interest!  

You too can be like Sam, and take your business to the next level.

With Ad On Mobile you’ll always create the right impression with new and existing customers. Ad On Mobile is a unique and new, Australian developed marketing tool… created specifically for business mobile users.

This is how it works. When callers ring your business’s mobile phone, they will hear a customised, targeted Ad On Mobile recorded message about your business, while they wait for their call to be answered. Your business will be portrayed in a professional manner, helping you convert callers… into customers!

The key benefits to business users of this unique and cost-effective service are:

  1. To drive further inquiries from callers
  2. To educate callers about your products, services, special offers etc
  3. To open new conversations that callers were perhaps never going to have.
  4. To lead to sales.
  5. It’s like having a dedicated sales person working for you… 24/7.

You can hear Ad On mobile samples by clicking here

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