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Simplify How You Manage Bad or Fake Customer Reviews

We all know that unhappy customers make more of a fuss. A dissatisfied customer may not hesitate to write a bad review, yet happy customers are less likely to praise a business for every positive experience. So how do you quickly and simply manage negative customer reviews? And do you know how to remove fake Google business reviews?

If you’re managing your Google business reviews manually, you might feel like you’re being pro-active.

And while responding to reviews has been proven to earn businesses 42% more revenue as compared to businesses that don’t respond at all, says a recent Womply study, it is possible to stay one step ahead of bad reviews by automating the review process.

Software like the Australian designed and managed Ad On Review connects dissatisfied customers instantly with management, so any negative feedback can be addressed before it’s posted online.

This allows businesses to actively manage unhappy customers — giving them an opportunity to right a wrong before a bad review is posted. This means you’re leading the online conversation, instead of being driven by it.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating how a poor Google star rating can affect your business.

Womply states that low ratings on Google negatively impact businesses, more than low ratings on Facebook or Yelp.

Businesses with a poor rating, of 1 – 1.5 stars on average, have 33% less revenue per year than your average business, while the same star rating on Yelp or Facebook translated to 19% or 9% less yearly revenue than the average business.

However, according to, if you quickly connect with a disgruntled customer, 95% of customers will return to purchase from your business.Keeping on top of your business operations, as well as your Google reviews, can be an overwhelming task. That’s why automation is so important in helping you manage your customer reviews and handle any poor ratings. Find out more about our Ad On Review packages and see how our specialists can improve your business’ Google star rating.

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