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Maximise Your Online Opportunities With Reviewing Software

So you’re running out of time managing your hectic work-life balance? With COVID-19 further complicating daily life, now is the time to streamline your marketing efforts and harness the potential of reviewing software.

From large companies to sole traders, there is one digital marketing tool that every business needs in order to survive and thrive in a competitive online world: Google reviews. And reputation software, such as Ad On Review, helps businesses manage their Google reviews — sending out review requests to customers, as well as alerting management when a low rating has been posted.

If you happen to be a cave dweller and don’t have a Google My Business listing, let alone a strategy for managing Google reviews and star ratings, now is the time to get on board.

Google reviews have become an increasingly important factor in building trust and communication with your customers, as well as aiding your online searchability.

Without having to unpack the complexity of Google’s search algorithm, it’s clear that Google business reviews impact a business’ local searchability.

According to Podium, reviews allow your enterprise to be displayed in the map pack: the list of businesses in the search location. The map pack displays your business information, as well as your total number of reviews and average star rating.

The more positive reviews your business gains, the more likely your business will stand out from local competitors — and increase your chances of gaining new customers.

Review software is designed to encourage more Google reviews, as well as giving businesses a heads-up when an unhappy customer writes a bad review.

Turning a negative customer experience into a positive one is heavily reliant on the speed of communication. With software like Ad On Review, the prompt alert gives businesses instant feedback as well as enabling them to connect with the customer before the bad review is posted. 

Staying engaged with your customers and being aware of your star ratings is important for businesses on many levels: it allows you to build a strong brand, prove transparency and increase your understanding of the customer experience.If you want to maximise your online opportunities and get more customers, reviewing software Ad On Review is a cost-effective tool which takes the hassle and guesswork out of managing your Google reviews.

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