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AdOn Group: A Brief Introduction to Digital Advertising

In the present time, technology has soared to new heights and has begun a different way of promoting brands and services. Advertising has gone digital! With the widespread use of advanced technology, website development takes the opportunity to display ads on social media sites, on websites, and even in online games and mobile applications through various electronic mediums. What makes digital advertising good for your business? The main reason why digital ads are famous is that it helps gain exposure to different types of audience and can reach sales across the globe.

History of Digital Advertising

Advertising has been around since ancient history. But it was in the mid 19th century that it began to escalate in the economy and business people started to post ads via newspaper and magazines. Dubbed as the “father of modern advertising”, Thomas J Barratt was famous in London for his unique and attention-catching ads through slogans, illustrations, and catchy phrases which lasted till the 20th century, garnering multiple sales in the soap industry in which he had worked for.

But as the digital era began, the methods of advertising have gravely changed. What started out as print ads became radio announcements and commercials and, soon, television and digital billboard ads. The history of advertising is as colourful and vivid as the most high-end digital screens could allow.


There are numerous types of digital advertising available for business people to apply. Here is a list of some methods that they can use to gain sales:

Billboard and Display Ads – this usually pops up in websites and are operated on a third party. The same technique was used from Thomas J Barratt, but with a modern twist – images, text displays like slogans and phrases, moving ads, and video popup ads.

Search Engine Marketing – SEM revolves around getting ranks through search engines. This technique involves around keywords related to your products which then links to your website – the content, the customer reviews, and third party connection further adds legibility and credibility to your online branding. It also includes pay per click (PPC) and cost per thousand (CPM).

Email Marketing – it refers to the newsletter and subscription mail offered to the customers, allowing them to have the right to choose whether they would want to receive email alerts from you. This method helps you get on a personal level with your customers. Steady communication increases customer bond and loyalty.

Video Ads – this advertising method reaches customers on an emotional level. Whether the video ad is educational, informative, or purely on the entertainment side, some cases proved that customers are encouraged to buy from a particular brand if the video ad is relatable and artistically produced.

Digital Advertising as an Essential to Business

As a famous quote by Mark Twain, “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising”. Which means, with the right team and proper advertising techniques, even the smallest business could boom, despite the hundreds of competitors in the marketing industry. The thing about digital marketing is its availability to all, with unlimited resources and with the prospects of reaching people all over the world. Adon Group has been in the digital advertising industry since 2008. We are a team dedicated to delivering marketing solutions to help increase brand status. If your business needs exposure, feel free to contact us at our website at for more information.

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