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The Benefits of Video Advertising via Animated Video Maker

In reality, we cannot deny the fact that online videos are entertaining, and that most of us prefer to spend several hours binge-watching videos during our free time. According to some surveys, the fastest internet connection speed reaches up to 25Mbps. At that rate, online videos are delivered in a matter of seconds, supplying viewers with billions of videos, with hundreds of categories to choose from. There are a plethora of online sites that offer video streaming, and some are paid, whereas most are for free viewing. While most video contents of each multimedia website are different, they have one thing in common – video ads. An animated video maker is an essential tool for mobile website advertising. The presentation of your video is so vital that it can either make or break the purpose of your goals for your business.

The Benefits of Online Video Advertising via Animated Video Maker

Selling products via video presentation is straight-forward. But unlike other types of online digital marketing, video ads operate in a more personalised way.


While descriptions are provided, some prefer to view products live, and also, the images presented may look different from the actual product as seen live. With the number of scam cases reported for online purchases, customers need to know the complete details of the products, because customers value facts and knowledge-based products.

Increase Profit and Sales

Video ads that are catchy and at the same time, informative can effectively boost conversion up to 80% and can increase customer engagement to 22%. It is because video ads are more influential than other types of digital advertising, and according to some research, over 36% of online customers trust video ads. Search engines love videos, which is why video ads are often seen at the topmost part of the result pages when searching for a specific topic or product.

Types of Video ads Generated by an Animated Video Maker

Video ads can vary, whether it is animated, live-action, moving images or slogans. Below are a few examples of video ads one can use as a digital strategy:

Banner ads – video in-banner ads are often seen on websites. They play automatically without the use of a multi-media player.

In-stream – in-stream in-read video ads are the type of ads that can be seen when playing or streaming online videos. They are considered as the most effective type of video ads since most people prefer online video streaming.

Out-stream – the same as with banner ads, out-stream in-read ads can also be found on article pages. They also play automatically without the use of any media player. Looking for a certified team of experts to provide high-quality animated video maker? AdOn Group is the ideal partner for your business advertising ventures. Contact us through our website at AdOn Group and let’s talk about the future of your business.

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