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Do you know what SEO… stands for?

What about these other terms?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation!

It refers to ensuring your website is near the top of the queue when potential customers are searching for your products or services. If your website ranks highly on a Google search, you will expose your business to more potential customers, which should lead to a boost in sales.

What’s a Responsive Layout?

Responsive layouts are adaptable… and change… depending on the user device. They allow a website page to fit into a mobile phone or tablet screen, so the viewer can see all the information clearly. If you don’t have a responsive layout, your business won’t be taken seriously.

What’s a Domain Name?

A domain name is like a street address. It will help people find your website. It should be simple, unique and reflect who you are. For example;

What’s a Blog?

You may have heard of Bloggers? They’re the ones who write about their business, or related adventures. They regularly engage their customers by uploading interesting articles, photos, and videos onto their website, or Social Media platform. That’s a BLOG! And it’s a good way to build trust and form strong relationships with your customers. You write about what your business specialises in, so you’re seen as an authority in your chosen field. You’re basically educating your customers. Just like this BLOG for Ad On Group!

These are just some of the terms relating to websites and social media. We hope you’ve found them enlightening. If you’d like to know more, our expert staff at Ad On Group will be happy to help.

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