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Team Testimonials


Ad On Hold is the most family friendly environment I have ever worked in, with directors and management who are approachable and caring.

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Since beginning with Ad On Hold in 2013, my role in the marketing team has grown and developed significantly. Offering family-friendly flexibility, along with solid career opportunities, this is a company who walks the talk. I’m really proud to be a part of the team and excited to see what’s ahead!

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Working at Ad On Hold provides a flexible, family-friendly lifestyle where you can work from home and still enjoy the full support of your management team. To me, it’s this unique approach to corporate culture and the company’s commitment to the work-life balance that makes me a happier, more productive and more motivated employee.

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I’ve enjoyed being involved in new projects, product launches and process improvement initiatives from start to finish and I have been truly supported in my personal and professional development pursuits. I’ve had the opportunity to further my postgraduate studies, network with professionals and key business partners, and attend conferences both in Australia and overseas.

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Ad On Hold stands apart because it’s a flexible workplace, the people are great to work with and the team share a common goal, commitment and sense of purpose. My ideas are not stifled, I am challenged to seek solutions beyond the traditional boxes and the professionalism and team support are outstanding. Working remotely is…

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I thoroughly enjoy working at Ad On Digital! The environment is so positive, genuine and creatively stimulating.

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