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An animated video maker plays a significant role in bringing life to a regular brand campaign. Since most people today prefer and are more entertained by moving pictures, it makes the advertising strategy a profitable investment. With the increasing number of people owning handheld gadgets, it has become easier for businesses to infiltrate their advertising…

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For some, digital marketing may seem like just another fancy buzzword. But in truth, online digital marketing is the real deal when it was first coined and later used in the early 2000s to advertise websites. This also includes other real deals today, such as mobile website advertising and animated video production. The digital marketing…

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In reality, we cannot deny the fact that online videos are entertaining, and that most of us prefer to spend several hours binge-watching videos during our free time. According to some surveys, the fastest internet connection speed reaches up to 25Mbps. At that rate, online videos are delivered in a matter of seconds, supplying viewers…

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