Choose your plan

Once-off setup fee (ex gst)

No Lock-In Contracts 

Customised Animated Video

Max Video Length - Up to:

Exported High-Definition mp4 Video File with Video Hosting

Video Optimisation for Social Media Platforms

Help to upload to your Facebook Page

Free Video Edits
(Every 2 months)

Full Month Reports detailing number of impressions, views and clicks

After sales assistance to upload & share your video

Facebook and/or Instagram Campaign every
2 months with ad variations 

Expected impressions from Social Media campaign

(if run over 12 months)

SMS credits included

Your own email or text portal to view & manage campaign sends

Every 2 months an email or text message campaign to send to your client database with eDM (digital brochure) variations 





ex gst/per month


40 secs





ex gst/per month


120 secs



Video Boost


ex gst/per month


6-month minimum term

40 secs

Up to 40,000




ex gst/per month


6-month minimum term

40 secs


500 (every 2 months)

Important Information


Video Engage : is $159 exl gst per month ( see package inclusions on the packages page )

Video Explain: is $269 exl gst per month ( see package inclusions on the packages page )

Video Boost : is $419 exl gst per month ( see package inclusions on the packages page )

Video Campaign: is $475 exl gst per month ( see package inclusions on the packages page )

Video Edits

You may choose to edit your video a maximum of 1 every 2 months. These edits do not accumulate and an edit is a partial change to the video ie New product/ service inclusion, change of details, change of offer. Price on application for whole video revamps.

Set Up Fee

Set-up fee is charged at a point of sale acceptance and is non-refundable

Video ownership

We give you your video in a downloadable format to use as long as you are paying the monthly package subscription. Should you cancel your subscription, you must not use your videos on any of the platforms you may have placed your video onto. Ad On Group will check this. Should you still be using your videos on any platform, you will be charged 30% of the original monthly package cost, until such time as you have removed the video/s from ALL online platforms


All payments for packages are made by paying us through our online shop either by credit card or direct debit, as per the package descriptions and pricing.

Post sales Changes to your service

Should you require an additional video change/s or SMS credit, ( outside of your package inclusions ) this can only be purchased directly from us on a fee for service basis

Providing the service

Ad On Group’s 3rd party partner supplier may offer you the service, or Ad On Group directly

Once we have received your order via our secure online shop, Ad On Group, will engage with you to provision this service. We will produce the advertising content for you. We will then get your approval before the video is produced.

It usually takes 7-10 working days to complete and activate your videos or video campaigns. You will be charged for the service while this process takes place. Billing for the service commences when you place your order.

Should Ad On Group not be able to get a response from you in a timely fashion to approve your script content, you need to be aware that your monthly fee is being charged from the point of sale acceptance.


There is a minimum contract period of 6 months on the video Boost and Campaign packages. Should the contract be broken, then early termination charges will apply equal to the sum of the remaining payments due.
After the minimum contract period of 6 months the service will continue on a month by month basis, with the chosen package cost being billed each month for each service until you choose to cancel the service.


This supplier is Ad On Group. We may for any reason terminate your service at any stage, for reasons beyond our control. Should this happen then your payment for this service would also cease.

Face Book Impressions

This is the Face Book measure of the number of times your campaign is viewed. This is an estimate only and is based on an average targeted demographic over a 12 month campaigning period. Should your impressions be lower than this, the lightly reason is your target audience is very narrow. Ad On Group cannot be responsible for the final number of Face Book impressions you receive

SMS Credits

This is only relevant to the video campaign. Should you require more than the included amount of 500 texts every 2 months, then cost per SMS is 15 cents each. These can be purchased directly via our texting portal platform that you have access to.

Running Email / Text Campaigns

We will set up 6 campaigns at the start of the project, for a 12 month period, and get your approval of these. We will use these agreed campaigns every 2 months. Should we deem appropriate at any stage we may change a campaign, with consultation from you.

Running Face Book / Instagram campaigns

We will need campaign manager access to run paid Face Book campaigns. This only allows us to run paid campaigns and nothing else. We do not post content onto your social media feeds.

Offensive material

You may not request any offensive or inappropriate advertising messages or video content. Should your request be deemed in any way offensive we will not produce or load any video and may withdraw your order. We reserve the right to refuse to provide any advertising service that they deem offensive or inappropriate in any way.

Changes to your service

Should you need to make any changes to your service, these can be done by contacting Ad On Group, or your sales partner who helped set the service up.

Cancelling your Ad On Digital

Should you wish to cancel your Ad On Digital service, this can be done by accessing the Telstra self help website, or contacting Ad On Group at

Useful contacts

Ad on Group : Tel : 1300 055 091 Monday to Friday 9-5 AEST